Trends In Talent Acquisition: The Impact of Complexity

Embracing The Changing Pace Of Talent Acquisition

Are recruitment leaders failing the complexity challenge? Lumesse carried out a survey of 1,300 global recruitment and HR professionals. A third of respondents identified the emergence of new technology as the hardest complexity factor to overcome.

Lumesse research findings on Trends In Talent Acquisition

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A worrying trend has emerged during various discussions Lumesse has had with HR teams and leaders, which is the rise of complexity. HR leaders have said that issues with ageing workforces, compliance and legislation, new technology, skills shortages, globalisation and much more – are so overwhelming that they cannot be strategic partners or fully align with business objectives. In short, the rise of complexity is impairing HR’s influence over corporate success.

These complexity challenges are more acute for recruitment leaders. Today recruitment leaders can reach out to candidates through multiple channels such as; job boards, social networking sites and corporate websites – which means their roles have become more about job marketing and deciphering which sources will deliver ultimate value. They may find themselves inundated with hundreds of applications for every vacancy or none at all – what’s worse? Candidates’ expectations have changed too: rather than patiently fill out a lengthy application form, which was a form of ‘self-selection’ to ascertain their level of interest, they can now expect an instant response to a short agile online query.

This paper will discuss the top challenges faced by recruiters, and how they can be embraced as an opportunity in each of these three areas. Find out more by viewing your complimentary copy of the full research study below.

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